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Product no.: GF001
High performance supplement for the immediate increase of your strength
and stamina in every sport!
Since 2002, the most successful muscle-blaster, worldwide!
Now with quantum-dot technology!
More than 250,000 Red-Devil users worldwide!
The worldwide most successful muscle-blaster
Your new Red-Devil, 30% stronger!
We have improved the effects of Red-Devil by 30% for you, with the new “quantum-dot
technology”. Now Red-Devil gives you even more strength and stamina. Your muscles grow
now, even with little training. You are going to be enthusiastic!
This is how Red-Devil works!
As before it stimulates your body’s own testosterone production and HGH release.
With the new quantum-dot technology now more adrenalin is activated in your muscles. This
causes an additional anabolic (muscle-building) effect. The powerful 2-phase effect of Red-Devil
works for 24 hours, round the clock.
Each Red-Devil capsule contains:
1. The blaster complex with strong active ingredient extracts for increased performance.
2. A new quantum-dot complex which now increases the effects by 30%.
3. Amino acids, trace elements and muscle vitamins, which trigger your turbo-charger.
Quantum-dot technology!
The new quantum-dot complex in Red-Devil works by biophysical effects. So it makes your
performance increase immediately. Quantum-dot active ingredients have the strongest effect; this
has been proven scientifically. The quantum-dot technology applied by Goldfield is worldwide
The bio-physical quantum-dot increases the effect substantially.
The unique 2-phase effect is what makes Red-Devil so effective. Your muscles are charged as if
charged by a double turbo charger. 30 minutes, at the latest, after you take it you will feel the
effects. Now, in each workout and competition things get really wild
Your 10 Red-Devil advantages:
1. High dose active ingredient capsules.
2. Works 24 hours round the clock.
3. Strong “pre-workout“ product.
4. Easy to apply anywhere, any time.
5. Guaranteed 100% doping-free.
6. Scientifically tested thoroughly.
7. Contains only natural active ingredients.
8. Stabile everyday low price € 34.90.
9. More than 250,000 users worldwide.
10. Void for export.
Your new Red-Devil, 30% stronger!
We have increased the Red-Devil effect by 30% using the new “quantum-dot technology“.
It is scientifically proven: Red-Devil works at 100 % and has been the worldwide most
successful muscle blaster. Let us convince you, too!
The correct application:
1. Take 1-3 capsules approx. 30 minutes before each workout or competition with some liquid.
2. On training-free days take 1-3 capsules with breakfast or lunch.
Body weight up to 60 kg → 1 capsule, up to 90 kg → 2 capsules, over 90 kg → 3 capsules.
in 100 g 3 capsules RDA*
Blaster complex: 58,50 g 1.755,00 mg
(Extracts from: Maca root, tribulus-terrestris, muira-puama potency wood,
guarana, fenugreek, piperine.)
Quantum dot complex 4 g 120 mg
L-Arginin 12,000 mg 360 mg
Chrom 36,000 μg 1,080 μg 2,700 %
Zink 500 mg 15 mg 150 %
Eisen 400 mg 12 mg 86 %
Vitamin C 7,000 mg 210 mg 263 %
Vitamin B2 480 mg 14.4 mg 1,028 %
Vitamin B6 600 mg 18 mg 1,286 %
Protein 36 g 1,080 mg
Carbohydrates 24 g 720 mg
Fat 1 g 30 mg
Energy: 1,057 kJ 31.70 kJ
249 kcal 7,47 kcal
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance in %
A good tip for you!
Red Devil has extremely strong effects. You can also combine it with any other Goldfield
supplement. This will additionally increase your strength and stamina performance.
(Athlete’s captions)
Jaroslav Horvath, IFBB-Pro.
…“The new Red-Devil is especially good as a strong “pre-workout“ for each training session.
You can feel it immediately! “
Jürgen Grubmüller, Weight Lifter
…“With Red-Devil I train more aggressively. And in competitions I keep winning
Gold-Medals! “

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday 13 May, 2015.

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